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"I travelled across the unknown boundary, moving west to east, thirsting for love and inspiration. You led me to a dry river bed and left me to excavate. I found more than water, more than rock and sand. I finally recognized who I am, a seeker from the dry lands, drinking from a dry river, looking for you, my soul. "

12 songs ranging from traditional country to country rock and poetic ballads, and finally some progressive rock to round things out.

All Songs ©2023-2024 Barn Jazz® Media, LLC • ALL RIGHTS RESERVED WORLDWIDE - Produced by Barn Jazz Productions, BJM-202401-2. Manufactured in USA. Words and music by James M. Hewitt, ASCAP, except 7, 8 words by Terry A. Pollock (BMI), & 5, words by Lynn Perez-Hewitt. Cover art design by kmh Graphics.

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