New Release - West-East Vol. 1- Songs From A Dry River CD and streaming songs.

My latest music project, Songs From A Dry River, is the product of 2 years of studio work and collaboration with several artists, who work remotely and send my finished tracks. This is a great way to expand the possibilities for new music, incorporating a virtual band of professional musicians. I have also formed a partnership with the amazing poet and songwriter, Terry Pollock, a former band-mate from Tucson with whom I have stayed in touch. Terry has permitted me to set two of his poems to music, Oh Love and Closer To Nowhere which appear in the second half of the album.

The new CD and streaming tracks incorporate some new styles for me, from traditional country western (Ragged Man) to country rock (8 More Seconds, The Last Gunfighter, Dry River), the heartfelt ballads based on Pollock's poems (Oh Love, Close To Nowhere), and some fund rock (Rough On You, Less Than Nobody, Edge of Obsession).  

The coda cut, One Last Call, is a “faux” live event, that is, not really recorded in a dive bar, but made to sound like it using sound FX, just a fun thing I wanted to do.  I guess not having a band to play with live (with a couple of exceptions recently), due to both our move to the Midwest, and Covid restrictions, led me to riff on a fantasy song of a band closing out the night, and playing for one last call before closing.  

I continue to work with Sync Club to pitch my music to music supervisors, hoping that someday you will hear some of my music on a TV show, or in a film.  Beats woodshedding I guess.

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